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Sell Your Car for Cash in Mount Washington, Cincinnati

Junk Car Boys are the top used car buyers in Mount Washington, Cincinnati. Simply reach out to us and get cash for your old cars, trucks, and SUVs – regardless of condition. After you get a free offer for us to buy your junk car, we arrange a time and date to pick up your vehicle and pay you on the spot!

Yes it is that easy!

We get it, life can get busy, and the last thing that you want to do is stress about selling your junk car, finding a tow company to get it, and getting a fair legitimate deal for it.

With years of experience in this industry, we have learned just how important it is for our customers to have a streamlined hassle-free process for trading their old vehicle for cash. 

Here are real pictures of actual vehicles we have bought. We buy every kind of vehicle imaginable from old to new. Therefore you no longer need to worry about what to do with a car that isn’t worth fixing. We will buy it and remove it.

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How Does Our Cash For Cars Cincinnati Program Work?

Fill Out Our Online Form

We have an amazing online process that asks you the questions about your vehicle that we need to know in order to give you an offer.

We Offer You A Price

We will immediately figure out a price we are able to pay you for your vehicle.

Send A Tow Truck

If you like the price, then we can get you set up for a tow truck to come meet with you to buy your vehicle.

Sold & Towed Away

Your vehicle will officially be sold. The tow truck driver will load your vehicle on the tow truck and tow it away. You are left with the money, and hopefully very happy!

Getting to Know Mount Washington, Cincinnati

Mount Washington has some of the most historic architecture in the region. It was incorporated as a village on April 1, 1853 from parts of Columbia Township and Ross Township. Mount Washington was named after the mountain of the same name in New Hampshire on which stands the monument to commemorate the first president, George Washington. The picturesque views of rolling hills and valleys make Mount Washington a beautiful spot for many visitors.

The town is home to one hotel, The Hotel Mount Washington, which has been considered an iconic landmark for generations and continues to offer decades-old elegance to those who visit. Mount Washington is also home to two significant gardens: Richard’s Flower Garden and Leffler Memorial Gardens. These two gardens are beautiful all year around, but are most popular during the spring and summer seasons.

It is also home to several neighborhoods, including Downtown Mount Washington (or simply “Downtown”), Civic Garden Center, East End/Midtown, North Crestview, South Crestview and West Sycamore Estates. The Etna neighborhood which runs along Columbia Parkway is often not considered part of Mount Washington even though all of it lies within the Village’s borders; this may be because its residents have fiercely protected their identity as a separate community since perhaps as early as the 1890s.

The town has a growing population with an estimated 3,360 residents. In addition to being an active place for those who enjoy hiking, the town is also home to many urban dwellers who enjoy living near Cincinnati.

Mount Washington is usually not included in lists of “Greatest Cities in America” or “Best Places to Live.” This is because it lacks any real significant commerce, industry, and community amenities (but it is in close proximity to downtown Cincinnati). Despite this, Mount Washington has been ranked as having one of the most expensive Zip Codes in all of Greater Cincinnati: 45202. The prices of homes within this zip code range from $300,000+ to over $3 million dollars. Many homes are situated on a steep hillside with great views overlooking Downtown Cincinnati. Some of the neighborhoods are even equipped with private streets or roads that require special gate access. The neighborhood located directly on the hillside seems to be one of, if not the most expensive, neighborhoods in all of Cincinnati.